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The Oral hCG Research Center is a foundational member of the International Society for Alternative Uses of human Choriogonadotropin (ISAUC). Please visit our website at http://www.hcgobesity.org/ifcor/


The Oral hCG Research Center investigates and treat patients with the oral hCG method for weight loss.

Dr. Daniel Belluscio developed an oral formulation of hCG after a careful investigation and a review of the available literature. He discovered that early back as 1927, a serial of reports established that an oral preparation of hCG may have therapeutic activity, despite hCG huge molecule does not cross the gastric barrier.

The vast majority of those previous studies suggested that an amount of hCG could be absorbed at the mucosa membranes level. Those reports referred to some investigations back as 1927 concluded that a retention enema was as effective as the hCG lyophilized vial.

The next step was to develop an oral hCG formulation showing therapeutic activity for obesity treatment. In the course of this research, three interesting facts appeared:

First: that an oral formulation of hCG seemed to be as effective an hCG injections for obesity treatment.

Second: that this formulation could be administered for prolonged periods of time. Obtained results were published at the hcgobesity website.

Third: that alcoholic obese patients submitted to the oral hCG protocol curbed their desire to drink, suggesting that hCG may be an interesting ancillary procedure for alcoholism treatment.



Over 8.000 obese and alcoholic/obese patients were treated with this approach. Results were encouraging, and currently the oral hCG protocol is our method of choice for obesity treatment.


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